Here you go – Hannah M, Peg B, Andrienne D and Nina H are the three winners (I can’t count any better than Cherry Adair! But it is my birthday so whatever!) Contact me at steelestories@gmail.com and let me know which of the back list you want!!

Yep, it’s my birthday again. They sure do come faster now. This is a special one – retirement just happened and that’s been great, but let me call to your attention to the fact that April 5 is Easter this year. It was 62 years ago as well. As far as I can remember, I haven’t hit Easter for my birthday except those two times. Now I did get married on Easter; that was April 15 – 36 years ago, so I’ve enjoyed the holiday for lots of personal reasons. Ryder and Easter Bunny

Daddy’s story of my birth was that he was at the hospital hanging out and the Easter bunny came hippity hopping down the hall with a baby in his basket. I was too heavy for the bunny, so Daddy offered to take me off his hands, but he really wanted a chipmunk. Great self esteem there, Pops!

Always got an Easter basket, even after I was grown and gone from the house. Try to do that for my kids too. (Just as I still celebrate Valentine’s Day because it was Daddy’s birthday). First time the grandson is getting a basket and I’m trying not to go too far out there. It’s not like he can eat the candy anyway.

Celebrate with family and break into those Cadbury eggs or go hunting outside for the plastic ones. We used real boiled eggs outside when I was a kid, then had a great egg salad afterwards. I know, not at all safe, but we all survived. Wonder if there’s still some old ones haunting Charlotte’s front yard….

Happy Birthday, Twinsy Lilly!!

butterfly cake

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