Earth Day, 2015

Yep, April 22, and guys, it’s important. There’s only the one planet so far, droughts, dust storms, flooding, 100-year storms every year now. Think about it. There’s no where to go, so start small. Don’t buy a plastic bottle of water, refill a recycled bottle – they’re given away free all over the place. That will help with the drought AND put less plastic in the landfill. (The water may even be better.)

plastic bottlesThey always ask me if I want plastic bags at the grocery, then realize I’ve brought my own reusable bags (which again are given away nearly everywhere these days – they fit nicely in the back of the car). The look on their faces when I say no plastic is almost funny. Even if I don’t have a bag with me, paper bags are usually available. And I can get everything in one trip rather than a plastic bag for each item

flood Paper is easy to recycle, there’s no reason to toss it in the trash. Pizza boxes, cereal boxes, spam snail mail – it’s all paper and can be recycled now.

I know some things take a little more thought, electronics, batteries, but nearly every municipality has created a place for these, even if you have to wait a few weeks until pick-up comes around again.

Maybe it sounds like too little a thing to matter, but it’s not. Every little bit helps, take the baby steps until you realize how easy it is. Just start now.  drought

Yes, I write about this stuff and try to make it more real for you. The Melting series was based on it. I’m re-editing Rth Rising and the sequel is almost done.

The Melting Book 1

Remember, you’re helping yourself as well as your descendants. Happy Earth Day!

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