Civics Lesson

Just for the record, women got the right to vote on May 19, 1919 (this was only three months before my mother was born). Men got the right to vote in 1776, so it only took us 143 years. Yes, the Native Americans got it after that but that’s a different blog.   I voted 2

My point? I’m not pushing either party – both are deeply flawed, but it’s the system we have. What I am pushing is that you, my fellow women, need to get out and vote. Whether you’ve been voting for decades or it’s your first time – women, please it’s your time now. It’s not too rainy or windy or cold. You can make the opportunity. Take advantage of early voting at a convenient time. You can take the kids along – Daddy took me every time and even let me put the ballots in the box for him. I knew how important the act was for him and it has become that important for me.

I voted  I hope you want to vote for someone or something instead of against, but in either case, vote. It will count and it is important. The majority of American citizens these days are women. We’re now a force to be reckoned with and we can’t let that slip through our fingers. You’ve all seen what some countries do to keep their women down, uneducated, subservient. We have freedom here – maybe not equal pay and yes there are still places with glass ceilings, but they’re crumbling under our numbers.

Please come with me to the polls and make our voices heard.  voting booth

Stepping down from the soapbox and thank you!

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