Ghost Stories

Do you like them? Do you read them?  I always have. North Carolina is full of spirits and I still have the Old North State Book of Ghosts Daddy gave me years ago.  Samhain1-150x150

Just for fun, I going to share a ghost story I wrote back when I was writing X-Files Fanfiction – okay my dirty little secret is out, but I learned a lot about writing (and critiques) that way.  Check out  The Girl Under the Bridge. Lydia is famous around High Point, NC though I’ve never seen her myself. I wonder how I’d handle it if I did?

Are there any ghosts near your home? Would you go check them out if there were?

Hope you enjoyed the story – if so, you’re welcome to check out Wraith’s Heart, a more recent story of mine.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Samhain!


Here’s last year’s post

Just a little something for you to check out — Ghost Photos

Some more ghost photos sent in my Mary Roya – enlarge the pics, look at the door at the top of the stairs and in the mirror – major cool!

ghost pics from Myrtle Beach

ghost pics from Myrtle Beach 3

2 thoughts on “Ghost Stories

  1. I went to Myrtle Plantation a couple years back. I didn’t see or feel anything. But I took a photo that has a couple of faces looking back at me.

    Then last year I went to the Woobine Hotel in Madsonville in Texas. Again I didn’t see anything or feel anything. But I went to a grave yard and catch a bunch of BIG orbs that you could almost see a face in.

    Would be happy to share photos, but you would have to tell me how to post or send to you.

    • I would love that – send them to my email ( and I’ll see if I can post them. There is a very thin veil . . .

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