Cover Reveal – A New Time!

I’m very excited to reveal A New Time – the third and final book in The Guardians of Now series. Dusty and Dee time traveled to 1891, as near strangers. They didn’t know why or how, but at least they had each other. Then they returned to a very different present but the reasons were still unknown. Does their new baby daughter, Erica need protection, does Dee?

The reasons for their adventure are finally revealed but not in any way they ever imagined . . .

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Also available Another Time and A Different Time



“She is born.”

The Guardian Cael sank onto the closest bench. She never sat in the presence of an Elder, but her legs would no longer support her.

Rather than reprimand her, the Elder sat beside her on the bench, and to Cael’s shock, slipped her arm around Cael’s shoulder.

“Is she well?”

“Yes. I was able to assist the male in getting to the female in time. The Essence appeared confused and frightened, though she now feels safer. She has shielded the planet.”


“The Malveks can no longer affect anyone with their ‘mind talkers.’ The mother’s mind is now clear of their interference. I should have seen what was happening to the mother and advised the Essence. She is so strong and untrained. She distanced me from the circumstances.”

“Rest, my child.” The Elder drew Cael’s head down to her shoulder. “You have done all you can for now.”

Cael closed her eyes. The Elder was right.

The Essence was safe for now.


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