Father’s Day

Since I had the best Father in the world, I know how important these things are. I grew up with the security he emanated, as well as his calm when everything else seemed to be chaos.  daddy

Then my children grew up with a pretty damn good daddy of their own. (I know how to pick ‘em). But I wondered first if they’d ever have children, and then how would they be at it? My son became a father earlier this year. It’s a strange feeling – I had to wonder if he’d be too impatient, if he’d leave the baby to her all the time, if he’d really be engaged.

Wow – I have been so impressed. My grandson has an incredible mother who adores him and looks after him so well, but my son is right there with her. Nothing is beneath him – diapers, walking, bathing, just hanging out with him. I couldn’t be happier (yes, they have an angel of a kid) and dang impressed.

Thanks New Daddy for making me a grandma and being the kind of father I always dreamed you would be.

Loving some baby on the boat                the boys sleeping 042015



3 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Sounds like a great man. My dad was the same. Sounds like you were very lucky. I have no doubt your son is a great father too.

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