Finally Moved!

Yes, I’ve been missing in action lately. But the move is complete and we’re mostly unpacked, looking for places for those little dustables now.  The flowers are all confused by the weather but these are blooming outside my new front door!

It was a disaster of a journey, especially being taken for fools by Keystone Homes and Wesley Scott Wallace, but we managed to survive and thrive. The day Keystone declared they would not honor the contract we signed, we found another place, a better place, a bigger place and lo and behold a cheaper place! We were moved in 30 days thanks to our stellar realtor, Ike Oglesby and Cunningham Mortgage!

My office is shaping up and I’m once again able to find things. I did miss a deadline (the first and hopefully last time ever!) but the first book of The Guardians of Now – Another Time should release March 8 through Soul Mate Press and will be up for pre-order any minute. I also, for the first time in my life, did not have a Christmas tree, but next year’s will be grand!

We’re sleeping in our own bed again for the first time since August 1 and that is a true wonder. I love it so much and sleep so much better. And we have more than two rooms to move around in! In fact when my daughter visited she was hollering “Marco” occasionally to find us.

Thank you all again for your continued support and notes of encouragement. They meant so much and probably kept me sane (if that actually happened) and I’m pleased to tell you that the second book of the Guardians series –A Different Time is well underway.

P.S. There’s a wolf shifter trilogy underway as well. Hey, I’m trying to catch up! Thanks again.  

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