I Want a Do-Over

Let’s rewind to the first of the year and do this sucker over. January was a horrible month and I want a mulligan.

First, I still had the kidney stone. Finally after the second surgery, that was over, except for the stent, which last several more days. Not to get into TMI, it’s not much better than the stone for day-to-day living. Been living with the stone since December 8, but since it wasn’t moving, I wasn’t complaining too much. Not much different than living with a time bomb strapped to you.

Then when I thought it was over, and had plans to return to the gym, the flu jumped me. Fever got up to 101.8. Thank goodness I’d taken the flu shot (have every year for 20+ years) because my immunity had taken a major hit. Due to the shot, I had a much milder case than I could have.  

Had to miss the official 3rd birthday party for the Grandson, but we’ll do our own celebratin’ in the near future.

But all this has taken an axe to my creativity. I’ve done a lot of editing, which is good, since I’m getting the rights back to the books previously published by Rebel Ink Press, but not good for new stuff I want/need to get down on paper. Have done a lot of mental writing while resting, but that’s not good enough.

Got Dance Partner back up and okayed the new cover of The Infection – The Melting Book One yesterday.

Going to my monthly RWA meeting – Heart of the Carolina Romance Writers – on Saturday and I know that always gives me a jolt of creativity. Being around those women is always incredible. And next week beginning Monday, I’m going incommunicado to catch up. Wish me luck! 




P.S. Got back to the gym! Felt so much better after water aerobics


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