Dallas Revisited

Had a great weekend in Dallas, visiting La Daughter and Le Partner. Since they couldn’t come in for Christmas we went to them. Can’t wait that long to see them again.

The best part of the trip (besides seeing the kids) was our dinner at Medieval Times. There’s one at Myrtle Beach, but I’d never been. Le Partner performed as the Chancellor for our performance and will take over as the Narrator in a couple of weeks.

Our knight in the red/gold section won. The horses were so beautiful. All Andalusian stallions except the narrator’s horse which is a truly majestic Friesian (like the horse Jamie won in the Outlander series) – did not get a good picture, sorry!

Didn’t realize the fighting was “real”. It is. They broke so many lances in the jousting – and they splintered. The sword fighting was real as well—sparks flew all over. Just before the fighting started a net comes down to protect the audience. La Daughter says you know that’s when the sh*t gets real. These guys are in great shape and put on an incredible show. Too bad I don’t write historicals…

There was a woman that came in late for the show, surrounded by large men, and sat on the front row of our section. La Daughter noticed the clothes and jewelry, though I didn’t. When our knight won and received the token from the queen, he’s to give it to a woman in his section. He chose this woman, who just happened to be Katy Perry – yep, that Katy Perry. The show got short notice she was coming and the cast got a picture with her afterwards. Just added a little glitz to an already super show.  

Since we’d gotten up at 4 a.m. to get to the plane, we headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep after that. Took it easy and just visited on Sunday. Did see Darkest Hour with La Daughter that afternoon – well done, and Gary Oldman does an outstanding job.

Due to me having surgery next week we came home today and already miss everyone. Got to observe some great characters in the airport I’ll be using sometime.


A final note – the eggs in a carton have more room than we did on this plane and of course since we sat toward the back we were the last to board – can no one get that it would be more efficient to load a plane from the back forward? After the vips of course, but think about it someone! Bueller?


2 thoughts on “Dallas Revisited

  1. Sounds like a great trip! I love Medieval Times, I used to take 200 kids on our Florida field trips.

    My daughter recently flew and ended up with no one sitting in the two seats beside her. Lucky!

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