Influences, me? Okay, yeah. I’ve probably already mentioned X-Files along the way here but it was a huge influence on my writing (and dreams and muse). A smart science fiction story that didn’t need humor to offset it. A wish come true!

Okay, I’m still bitter over the Batman TV series. I was so excited to have that air, then the powers that be decided they couldn’t play it straight and turned it into high camp. Enough said. We did finally get Star Trek and of course now we have tons of smart sci fi and  paranormal shows. Full kudos to X-Files for sparking that trend (and getting me writing full time).

I was the kid that looked forward to Saturday afternoons, not just because school was out (though that was wonderful), but because that’s when the cheesy sci fi and horror pictures came on TV. I was enthralled! An aside here, I lost my vision and became legally blind  watching the original King Kong. I had the measles but hadn’t broken out, so they hadn’t put me in a dark room yet. What can I say, it was worth it. Those of you too young to remember before vaccines be grateful!  King kong

I mentioned X-Files – I remember reading in the TV Guide that year about the upcoming shows and saw that one. I was immediately intrigued (and had a flashback to Batman) but this one delivered. My family and friends knew that this was my hour of the week. I didn’t answer the phone, I didn’t respond to “Mom!”, if the kids were on fire, their father would have to put them out. One hour, really! I can’t thank the creative teams behind it enough for giving me such incredible ideas and courage to share them.


Other influences . . . later



2 thoughts on “Influences

  1. Personally, I was a big fan of the TV show, but then I was ten years old. I was not the only one – there was no attending ffourth grade on Thursdays and Fridays in the fall without intimate knowledge of the previous day’s episode.

    Concerning the importance of the show, check out this new story at NPR:

    After the TV show, Batman comics tanked to the point where they had to invent the concept of the reboot. So, without Adam West, there is no Dark Knight, no Tim Burton …

    Plus, any episode with Victor Buono as King Tut is still a treasure.

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