Inspiration in All The Strange Places

Hard to believe it’s been three years since Wraith’s Heart was released. I know this isn’t the time of year for a ghost story, but since ghosts don’t wait for Halloween, neither did I. WraithsHeart_finalCover smaller

These characters stuck with me as well. I even wrote a prequel to the story in the Defending Love anthology Rebel Ink put out last year about bullying and abuse. The story was Reunion and told the tale of Gail Duncan the night before she was murdered.

The idea for this book came from a dream my father had. In the dream he was on a lonely country road and drove up to a house. The older couple there greeted him and he realized he was there to tell them that they had passed away, because they didn’t realize it. The husband was belligerent and refused to believe Daddy, but the wife calmed him down and reminded him of how certain things were different now than they had been. She thanked Daddy and sent him on his way, then he woke up. I’ve remembered his dream for a long time and it set this story in motion. Everything is grist for the mill of a writer – right?

Have you had inspiration that came from unlikely places? (are there any likely places?) I’d love to hear about it. In honor of its birthday, I’ll be giving away a copy of the ebook for Wraith’s Heart – just leave a comment!

And for more paranormal – Another Time will be released in June and Before You will release in July – I’ve got your summer covered!

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6 thoughts on “Inspiration in All The Strange Places

  1. When I need inspiration, I grab the iPhone, hit the trail, and turn up 80s hair band rock. Typically, the old girl finds me with the second-side songs on Bon Jovi’s records!

  2. Song lyrics have inspired many of my stories. But I also get some ideas from people watching – and making up what they’re talking about. It’s probably more exciting than what they are really talking about.

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