Lunch . . .

Had lunch with la daughter and her roommate today on campus. They were talking about the food and it took me back – when I was an undergraduate at the same institution, it was nothing like today. They can now choose between Bojangles, Pizza Hut, Salseritos, or Subway besides the actual “cafeteria” which also has “food” food.

When I was here, in the dark ages when dinosaurs roamed the earth, it was still high school cafeteria style with up to 3 (count ’em three!) choices. I remember attending a Board of Trustee meeting as a senior (because I was on a committee that reported to them) and when the meeting ended, it was nearly lunchtime. The Board decided on a whim to go over to the cafeteria. They were already here after all. The president of the student body and I looked at each other and attached ourselves to the group. Now, you have to remember, things like that did NOT happen. The food services area always had plenty of warning when real people (i.e. not students) would be served and made sure real food was available. This was without warning!

I’ll never forget the face of the lady that took our ID cards when we got there. Sheer Panic was the only words to describe it. Prez and I gleefully got into line and saw our choices – 4 day old lasagna (I know because I’d already eaten it three days in a row), tuna tetrashitty, and mystery meat. I got my 4th day of lasagna and watched these high-powered business men just stare at the “food”.

Have to admit it was one of the best meals I ever ate here!

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