Rant ahead….

Rant ahead, be warned!!

I learned XP, suffered through Vista, mastered 7, so of course, now there’s 10.  Don’t get me wrong, for all I know so far 10 may hold the answers of the universe, the meaning of life itself.  What I do know is that the software that runs my digital recorder (which I know how to use and is paid for) is not compatible with it.  Do I shell out money for a new one that might last a couple more versions or stick with the paid for one – remember, I mastered it.

I’m not especially tech-savvy, but neither am I a technophobe.  I was the IT guy at the bank I worked at for years.  Admittedly, there were no PC’s back then, never heard of laptops or smart phones or droids – except in sci fi movies.  But I could still get the tellers up and running on their masters and slaves – hard wired and no more than 50 feet apart.  Yes, I’m telling my age, so what.  But I don’t know what an FTP is, or a SSL/TLS or how to protect my leech (that even sounds dirty).  In my defense, I read the instructions, but they could have been written in Greek or Martian and I would have understood as much.

I was commanded to update my webserver the other day.  Was there really a good reason to move the favorites button all the way to the right and hide it?  It seemed quite happy where it was before.

And why, when using the business version of my email supplier can I de-clump my mail, but not on the personal version?  Would it really be that hard to keep the date and time of the email out there for more than 24 hours?  Of course, if it’s clumped, you can’t find that one message tucked into the middle of everything with that subject line anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Sigh.  I wonder if the ribbon on my typewriter has rotted . . .

2 thoughts on “Rant ahead….

  1. Glad to see another Sci-Fi Romance author out there! 🙂

    Yep, technical difficulties can sure slow down your writing. I’m not tech saavy either, so I don’t have any suggestions. Hope you work out this kink so you can get back to writing.

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