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I am a crime and erotic thriller author and I bring tales of the police and our firefighters – among other wonderful occupations – who keep us safe and hold our lives precious. I do it in a way that’s gritty and in your face and not for the faint of heart. I love trying to bring the real people behind that masks of being the good guy or girl and I also try to do anything in my power to make it real. These books are bloody and gory and leave nothing to the imagination. I am lucky enough to have on, Inferno, still in the top ten on the Omni Lit Best Seller list where it has been for two months. This piece really brings out what horrors and undercover officer goes through and how the work can affect every aspect of their lives. From simply trying to hold a normal life to a love interest, you can imagine what being deep undercover for long periods of time might do.

I hope you like a taste of this one and let me know what you think. Thank you for hosting me,


A monster shattered Raine Thompson’s life. On a single stormy night, he lost the man of his dreams to a murderer who was never caught. Forced out of his home and away from his friends and family, Raine started a new life in a far away location but one close to a childhood friend, Carlos Tempata. Raine became a recluse as he continued his quest to hunt down the killer himself. And in his tormented dreams, a face continued to haunt him every night. A secret from his past was hell bent on destroying him. Just as he believed he’d remain alone for the rest of his life, a chance encounter on the beach reminded Raine he had to live.

Justin Cameron was a mystery man who showered Raine with not only his affections but also his wealth. Finally enticing him into a relationship, Justin offered Raine his heart in return for Raine’s undying love. But somehow the man wasn’t who he claimed to be and held more than just secrets. As Raine’s dreams became nightmares and his life was placed in jeopardy, Carlos worked to discover the truth against a backdrop of continued deceit. As a series of damning events turned into tragedy, Raine is forced to make a choice. One that could destroy everything he holds dear.


“She’s choice, brother. You want a piece of her? I just might let you have some.” Sniffing, the man looked up from the teary-eyed woman who wore a look of horror.

“Nah. I got me a little woman. What the hell would she say if I took a piece?” Stone breathed as anger raced through him. He didn’t sign onto the job for this bullshit. Looking away briefly, he knew he had to keep his mouth shut but damn it, he was sick to fucking death of the insanity. The guy was barely human. No, Michael was the epitome of evil personified and Stone was on a personal mission to rid the world of his kind.

“Oh come on. This is sweet meat and easy too. Ain’t nothing better than taking what you want. Your little bitch ain’t gonna be none the wiser. What’s wrong? You a pussy, boy? I don’t hire me no faggots in this organization.” Snorting, Michael cupped the girl’s chin and hissed as he twisted and squeezed her face.

Shaking his head, Stone stepped back away from the scene. “I just like mine begging for my cock.” He stole a glance at the girl, who couldn’t be more than twenty, and resisted yanking out his gun and killing the fucker. They were so damn close to nailing this guy. So close but far enough he knew they powers that be would pull him from the case if they couldn’t get enough ammunition against him. He stole another glance at the girl and sucked in his breath. Strapped to the bed, strings of dark mascara were a garish reminder of the madmen he was working for. Goddamn how much of this shit had he seen? Girls were kept like animals to be played with and toyed with and… No, he could barely take the entire scene any longer, no matter what the hell it meant.

Groggy, the girl squealed behind the thick duct tape.

“Oh the bitch’ll be beggin’ for it. Trust me.” Climbing off the bed, he unfastened his belt as he chuckled. “I got balls the size of grapefruit.” Freeing his cock, he stroked down the length of his shaft as he turned to glare at Stone. “You’re staring. You wanna watch or what? Might learn somethin’ from the master.”

“I’m leaving. Just remember we have a timeline, man.” Yeah, the master of brutality. Holding up his hands he started to walk out of the room. The second he made it to the door he sucked in his breath as he heard the sound of her dress being ripped. Walk out. Don’t play the cards. So close. So fucking close to shutting down not just one asshole but also others. Hell, he didn’t even know half of the freaks involved, but he knew enough to realize the situation was getting out of hand. But sweet Jesus, he was one man. Stone swallowed hard and eased into the tiny living room toward the kitchenette of the sleazy motel. Goddamn he was tired of spending time in shit holes. He’d been deep under cover for so fucking long he was no longer sure of his own name. Michael Siska was one bad man but far too well connected and had skated around the law for years. Stone was determined to stop him. This was daddy’s pride and joy after all and his to keep and protect. What a fucking joke.

Hissing, Stone rubbed his tired eyes and tried not to concentrate of the ugly sounds coming from the other room. The poor girl was squealing and fighting. He thought about the few nights he’d been able to help the girls, if you could call throwing them scraps of food helping. How men lived this way was beyond him. Gripping onto the counter, he attempted to control his breathing. The asshole was not only a major player in a series of drug-riddled crimes including high class brothels in the city but also had a penchant for raping and mutilating women when they got out of line. This was the third time Stone had to stand by while the freak got his jollies off on hurting some innocent girl. Thank God none of them ended up dead or he’d have to blow his cover. The man’s behavior was getting out of hand. Even his lieutenants, as Michael liked to call them, could barely tolerate his level of savagery.

And protecting certain family members was supposed to be a step up. For him it was a one-way ticket into hell.

His pulse racing he started pacing the floor as the sounds continued, the girl crying in anguish. As she wailed, Stone heard what had to be the sound of the asshole backhanding her hard. Then as a series of slaps and grunts filtered into the room he sucked in his breath.

”Shut the fuck up, bitch! You fucking whore!”

Bam! Crack!

Stone cringed and fingered the gun nestled in the back of his pants. As the sounds of her being beaten escalated he knew he’d had enough. Taking three long strides, he made it into the bedroom and stopped short. “What the fuck are you doing?” The girl was barely recognizable from the blood covering her face and neck. Beaten unconscious he wasn’t even sure the girl was breathing.

“Get the hell out of here! You were offered and refused. Just givin’ the tramp what she deserves,” Michael snared as he continued plunging his cock into her savagely.

His body shaking, Stone exhaled slowly as a series of vibrant colors swirled around his field of vision. “Stop fucking beating her.” He closed his eyes and tried to hold it together but rage thrashed through his body until he was barely able to breathe.

“I said get the fuck out.”

As Stone slowly opened his eyes he could see the girl had turned her head and was pleading silently for help. Jesus Chris she was awake for this horror. Sucking in his breath, he licked his dry lips and couldn’t take it any longer. This was never going to end. Suddenly snapping, he yanked his gun and cocked it and realized the freak was too busy raping the girl to hear him. Holding the revolver with both hands he pointed the muzzle toward Michael. “One chance. Stop hurting her. Now!”

Without looking Michael simply laughed. “Fuck off, freak.”

Stone shook his head as he closed the distance and said a silent prayer to a God he would never believe existed.

And then he pulled the trigger.




Flicking his finger across the seam of his mouth, Raine Thompson sighed in contentment. No, he was excited for the first time in a solid few months. They were out together enjoying the simple things in life just like they used to. And nothing was going to fuck it up. The thought giving him a smile, he grabbed his wine glass, swirling the ruby red liquid before taking a huge gulp.

“You look at me like you want to eat me instead of what will be a delicious dinner,” he whispered as he leaned over the table.

“There’s no doubt I’ll have you for dessert and perhaps more than once.” He couldn’t help but smile as he gazed at Brent Miller, his significant other. There was something so engaging about his lover’s smile, including the scar he wore like a badge of honor. From the man’s dancing blue eyes to his shaggy hair, Brent always managed to leave Raine breathless. As he lifted his wine glass in salute, he gave Brent a heated look.

“Well, I guess the birthday hunk does deserve certain treats tonight. But then again it begs the question. Have you been a good boy all year?”

“I didn’t hear you complaining the last time I was sucking your cock.”

Brent broke into a mischievous grin as he shook his head. “You’re incorrigible.” Sighing, he gazed out the window of the restaurant into the darkened night. Exhaling slowly, he fingered the rim of his glass in an aimless pattern.

“Why the long face?”

“Just business. I’m just worried. You know me.”

“I know you’re worried but the economy is going to turn around. Besides, we said no shop talk tonight.” Easing his hand across the table Raine brushed the tip of his finger back and forth across Brent’s wrist. When Brent pulled his hand away quickly Raine knew there was something else going on. “Spill it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I know you too well. Remember? Me? I’ve been your live in lover for like four years.” While he smiled Raine could feel the tension mounting between them. He took another sip of his wine and concentrated on the crowd in the restaurant, pretending to give a shit. The seafood restaurant was their favorite and one they reserved for special times. Oddly enough they hadn’t been here in over six months. Hell, he couldn’t even remember the reason why but they’d simply stopped doing the majority of things they loved. Then again they hadn’t had a whole lot to celebrate in quite a while and the economy was only partly to blame.

Tick. Tock.

“You might as well tell me.”

Brent shrugged and sat back in his seat. “Look, I didn’t want to tell you this tonight but I have to go away on business for a couple of weeks – maybe longer. I don’t know.”



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