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Blurb for Aurora’s Ghost –

Carl Peters lived two lifetimes and one young woman was responsible for his unpredicted journey through time. Aurora fell in love with the wrong man at the wrong time. Her mission was predestined and unknowingly she defied her destiny.

Through a series of events and one lovely entity, a drifting soul had taken love and given it back. Then one Christmas morning, Aurora set all the events back in place.

Have you ever wondered how many lifetimes a soul has seen? Have you ever wondered what a person experiences in the deep sleep of a coma? Have you ever felt a presence and brushed it off?

Love knows no boundaries and neither time nor space can never crush the strength of it. True love endures the test of time and reappears for those who believe.

Aurora’s Ghost Excerpt:

He never saw her standing there. Doctor Jessica Mallory was a tall stunning brunette with deep blue eyes. In her hand, she had his chart. No one was quite sure why he’d been lying in the snow. Since he’d awoken from his coma, he’d been the talk of Mercy and she’d heard how handsome he was. She walked in and saw him lying with his arm over his head. She’d heard about his ranting and his need to find a young woman. He must’ve sensed she was in the room, because he let his arm slip away from his face. Jessica’s eyes widened, he was handsome and what she’d seen of him so far, she envied the young woman he was looking for. She scanned his chart once again. Carl Peters was an enigma.

She had no idea why she felt uneasy, nervous, and felt a sensation close to butterflies in her stomach. Jessica cleared her throat and he opened his eyes. He saw her. He sat up.

“Doctor Mallory?”

“Yes, Mr. Peters, I’m Jessica Mallory and I hear you’re a celebrity. How are you feeling?”

“Like shit, doc.”

She moved to the chair next his bed. Her eyes met his and she saw the anguish they held. People who’d been in comas with a severe memory loss usually needed extensive therapy. Some recovered one hundred percent while others regained partial memories and some never regained those lost memories. They had to start new lives and it could be devastating. Jessica felt a tug, it disturbed her, she’d never felt any kind of attraction to a patient. But Carl was different, she’d an overwhelming desire to take him in her arms and assure him everything was going to be fine. She moved slowly from him and made sure she was sitting in the chair and a fair distance from him. She’d counseled handsome men before. She was a professional and never let anything get that way. Yet her undeniable attraction to him disturbed her.

“So, Mr. Peters, how can I help you?”

“Find Aurora Marino.”

“That’s going to be very difficult, Aurora Marino…died at birth.”

She never expected the tirade that ensued when she told him the news. He rose from the bed ripping leads and his IV from him. He grabbed her by the neck and the chair underneath her disappeared. By the grace of God, because he disconnected himself from all the machines alarms went off bringing in almost every employee on the hospital floor. They managed to subdue him and hold him down until security appeared. It took four big bulking security guards to strap him to the bed. Jessica Mallory held her neck, she was quite certain he was strong enough to begin physical therapy. And his attack on her confirmed he needed extensive psychological therapy.

She stood over him, looking down at his tear stained face. Her heart ached, how she wanted to comfort him yet it was important that she tell him.

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