Nowhere for Christmas Cover Reveal

Cover reveal! Yes, I have my release date and my cover. Carl did it again. Look for this on December 17!!


Here’s the first chapter to get you started – NowhereForChristmas_Cover

Jeannie Teague looked at the steam rising from under the hood of her car with a sinking feeling. The battery on her phone was dead as well. At least it wasn’t dark or freezing. Taking a deep breath she stepped out of the car and lifted the hood. Oh yeah, this was not good.

She wrapped the sleeve of her too thin jacket around her hand and tried to loosen the cap on the radiator. Steam hit her wrist and she yanked her hand back, cursing. Then she looked up to see a sheriff’s car pulling up behind her.

“Problem ma’am?”

Ah a whiz kid, she thought. “Yes.”

He unfolded himself from the car and she stepped back. He was well over six feet and that seemed to be the width of his shoulders. She’d never really thought of herself as small. She topped five foot seven, but wow. Maybe it was the uniform that made him so tall.

He moved closer and using the rag she hadn’t notice in his hand, removed the cap. Steam spewed for a couple of seconds and he smiled down at her. “I think I see the problem.”


“It’s a POS.”

She wanted to bristle at that, but it was too true. “Well, that’s one of the problems.” She started to brush the dark curly hair that had escaped the clip out of her eyes, but changed hands at the pain. He spotted the burn on her wrist.

“Steam got you. Come here.” He headed back toward his cruiser and with nothing else to do, she followed. He pulled a bottle of water from the door pocket and opened it. The cold wetness caused her to catch her breath, but it felt good. Small blisters had already formed.

The officer, she’d finally thought to look for the name on his pocket, R. Nelson had pulled out a first aid kit now. He gently smeared a blue gel over the burn and that felt even better than the water.

“How’s that?”


He nodded. “I don’t need to see your license, but how about your name?”

“Jeannie Teague.”

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Deputy Nelson. Now, about the car. Do you have AAA?”

Jeannie shook her head. She could barely afford gas for the thing.

“Okay, I’ll take you into town and get Joe to come tow it in. I can already tell you’re not going to be back on the road tonight.”

Her heart sank. “Is there a reasonable motel around?” She meant cheap, but didn’t want to say it.

“No motels in Dalesville, but we have a nice little B&B.”

A B&B, no way could she afford that. She’d planned on pulling the car over when she got tired and taking a power nap. Dammit all.

He was watching her and no doubt had formed his own conclusions about what she could afford along with the POS car. Hell, she couldn’t afford to be proud now. “I’d appreciate a ride.”

Nelson, she still didn’t know what the R stood for, followed her around to the back of the car to get her bag.

“I only need the little one for now.”

He didn’t comment on the boxes or larger suitcase in the trunk. He slipped the gym size bag into the backseat then opened the door of his cruiser for her. She was a little surprised he let her ride up front, but things seemed a little looser around here than in Tampa. Jeannie was confident that Tony had never been up front in any squad car.


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