fall colorsYes, it’s going to be a special month for me, and I’d love you to join me.

The second book in my Melting series will release on October 10. Between now and then I’m going to post a excerpt a day here for you to check out. The first five days will be from Book 1 – The Infection, the second five days from Book 2 – The Progression.
Melting 2 The Progression flatThe Melting Book 1









Book 3 – The Cohesion is with my publisher now for editing.

I hope you enjoy the excerpts!

Excerpt 1 – Book 1

Dr. Amanda Sutton checked her coat at the door and took a quick glance in the mirror near the entrance. She hated these stupid cocktail parties. Okay, she was affiliated with the medical school at Georgetown University, but she had graduated some time ago. She was already making a name for herself in the field of pathology, at least around here. It wasn’t a big deal, but she found herself annoyed anyway. Mostly with herself. Once again, the males in the pathology department had managed to get her to attend a thank you reception. This one was for the gift of an endowed chair in the medical school. So what if the donor was some former congressman? She hadn’t voted for him.

She only needed to put in an appearance tonight, which didn’t quite explain the care she had taken with her makeup. She had her blonde hair down for a change, her regular ponytail a little too casual for this occasion. Maybe no one would recognize her.

She stood five foot seven and in heels, like tonight, touched five nine. The royal blue dress she wore emphasized her blue eyes and slim body and hopefully didn’t show too much leg. She never dressed like this. She was much more comfortable in her scrubs or jeans, but Scott, her supervisor, had stressed this was a dress-up night. Of course, he wasn’t here to put up with it.

She didn’t really blame Scott. He had a family he worked hard to spend time with, and she didn’t. That shouldn’t make her time off less valuable. It was his supervisor who held title of the biggest pain. Dr. Anton Guilford demanded such off-hour duties and as the solo woman in the group, she was expected to handle these things. At least she’d finally put a stop to getting the coffee for everyone. Baby steps.

Amanda was quite sure the esteemed Dr. Guilford didn’t believe women should be allowed to attend medical school even in this day and age. One of these days she would drag her knuckles on the floor to see if he noticed. She had thought in the twenty-first century all of those cretins would have died off. Unfortunately not.

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