Piper Paid by CL Haydn is out

CL Hadyn has reedited Piper Paid, got a fresh cover and it’s available now!


Alana ‘s dream was to open her own business offering an unusual combination of herbal remedies, edible weeds, acupuncture, and massage. But first, she had two very important lessons to learn. The first of which was never use a folklore recipe to summon a fairy. The second was how to get back to her own century after she completed the task the irate fairy had imposed on her in retribution for summoning him.

A Scottish time-travel novel by the author of Bloodstock, Aurelia, and Auric check it out!! 


C. L. Hadyn has a quirky sense of humor and makes her characters’ personas totally believable.

This is a re-release, re-edited and new cover. I loved the first version and this one is even better! Can’t wait for the rest of them to return.

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