Release Day for A Different Time

It’s here! Book Two in the Guardians of Now Series – A Different Time. 


Dusty and Dee are back in the present but what a different present it is! They’d had no plans to change the future when they found themselves in 1891, but then they hadn’t planned to travel to 1891 in the first place. And they don’t know how or why they’re back…


Excerpt –


The Guardian rose as she felt the presence of the Elder approaching. It was unprecedented for an Elder to seek her out in her personal chambers. For an instant, apprehension touched her. Had her secret been uncovered before she could make a report?


The Guardian bowed, then straightened her flesh colored robe and faced her mentor. “You honor me with your presence. How may I be of assistance?”

“I am here for a report on your project.”

An Elder came toherfor a report? Did the Elder know of the contact the Guardian had received?

“Of course. Please sit. Refreshments?”

With a wave of her hand the Elder declined both.

“Is there anything specific you would wish to know?” A stall tactic, for the Guardian realized the time to reveal all had come.

“I have seen the change in you, Daughter. Others have discussed this new vitality you possess. Is it caused by this project?”

“Yes, Elder. I am honored you would seek me out. These humans I now study . . . excite me.”

The Elder’s eyebrow rose but she waited.

“They are a young species, maturing at an accelerated, nearly fantastic rate. There have been missteps and backward slides. I believe it is why I was assigned to watch and if necessary, assist them. After observing many of their generations, I located a pair of humans who appeared to be a step above the others in terms of evolution.”

The Elder listened with interest in her eyes. “We were apprised of your plan to remove the pair from their time stream in an attempt to repair some of those missteps.”

“Yes, and the plan was approved. Shall I continue?”

The Elder inclined her head.

“The couple, a male and a female, relocated to a strategic time and place in their society’s past and the planet itself has benefited from the changes they instigated. The atmosphere and water are cleaner, and the health of the populace has improved from the resulting modifications.”

“There was talk of an evolutionary step.”

“Yes. The couple has mated. It is my hope their offspring will become our first direct contact with this species.”

Isthere an offspring?”

“At this time there are only cells, no consciousness. I sensed an . . . an Essence waiting to see if the cells become viable. If these do not, it will wait until one does.”

“Why did you choose to bring them back to their present?”

The Guardian looked down for an instant, the unfamiliar feeling of guilt rising. It was time for these facts to be known and studied beyond her. “I did not.”

“I do not understand. Are you saying you did not return them?”

“No, Elder. I have investigated the phenomena thoroughly. When my study did not reveal a way for this to have occurred, I prepared a report for the Elders. Before I could submit it, I was . . . contacted.”

“Contacted? By whom? By the entity that did return them?”

The Guardian nodded. “Yes. I hope the communication will continue. I am not able to direct it at this time.”

“Who are you in communication with, my daughter?”

“The Essence.”


For the beginning of Dusty and Dee’s tale check out Another Time – Book One of the Guardians of Now Series. (FREE 6/19-23!!)

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