RWA 2013 – part 2

I met Michelle Garren Flye, author of Close Up Magic – I interviewed her on my blog not long ago, so that was major cool. Visited with Sabrina Jefferies who was up for a Rita for A Lady Never Surrenders as well as Jennifer Delamere who was also up for a Rita for her first book – An Heiress at Heart.  Cherry Adair was gracious enough to remember me – I met her the day after I signed my first contract (for Rth Rising) and when I mentioned I had signed at the dinner in her honor – very shyly because I really didn’t know anyone there – she jumped up, ran around the table and held me. That’s something I’ll never forget.   Cherry Adair and me cropped


Had lunch with several hundred of my closest friends on Thursday and Friday. Cathy Maxwell of the Scandal and Seduction novels was the keynote speaker on Thursday, and Kristan Higgins spoke on Friday.  I must say she had us rolling on the floor and in tears the next minute. Not only do they write well, they’re incredible speakers! Too far back to get good pictures even with the huge screens, but heard great.

Lunch at RWA 2


Sylvia Day, president of RWA this year did a wonderful job and also graciously took a picture with me at her signing. Can you see what kind of fan girl time I was having?  Donna and Sylvia Day cropped

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