It’s a good thing I did retire. There’s a lot of work that I never saw coming for self-publishing. I did it mostly myself – help with the cover (Thanks Wyndell!) but the formatting and uploading and creating accounts was all on me.  Alien Embrace Cover 5 copy

To be honest the actual formatting of the book was the easiest part. Setting up the accounts with everyone was the hassle – kudos to Amazon and Barnes and Noble for being the most user friendly IMHO. Face it, if I had a staff, I wouldn’t think about these things, but the staff is in the future. CreateSpace is still beyond me, but I haven’t given up. It’s one of the main reasons I did retire while I have some brain cells still firing (despite what Hubby says).

The formatting actually makes sense and now I use it automatically while I type – I desperately wanted my first self-pub to be clean as well as a good story. Had it edited and beta’d extensively because I’ve seen some really good stories out there that turned me off with the misspellings and missing words. Not that I don’t have them (Nora has them on occasion!), but most of them can be fixed. Hey, if you spot any in Alien Embrace – let me know asap!

If has been a great learning experience. Being an old dog, I’m sure I staved off some short-term memory loss for at least seven minutes with all the brain exercises I’ve been doing. Fortunately I have friends (especially Nancy!) who have survived this experience and like all the writers I’ve met through RWA and HCRW have been incredibly supportive and helpful. This is a great thing – I’ve worked with many women in the real world, and these writers have given me hope again for women supporting women.

Now if I can just get a handle on that marketing thing . . .

And Mac’s Family is coming out through Rebel Ink this summer – I’m gonna take a break and just write!

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