Sold the House!

We’ve done it. We’re downsizing – we’ve retired, no kids live here, and we don’t need to climb on the roof to clean the gutters or spend three days in the heat mowing our acre of land, so we’ve bought a condo and we’re moving. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of space for visitors (and definitely the Grandson!) but we’ll only be responsible for the inside. moving truck

Also there’s that part where the kids said if they had to clean out the house after us they’d use a match. I know the feeling (Homecoming came from that experience for me.) Living in town again will be different, but I hope better. I won’t have to travel a minimum of twenty minutes in any direction to get to a grocery store! We’ll have close neighbors but we’ve done that before and these will be closer to our age. The kids in the cul-de-sac are great kids (all boys) and always speak and get our mail when we’re out of town, etc. but I live in fear of backing out of the driveway when they’re on the golf cart, or when they’re sliding down the hill in the ice on their sleds.

crowded apartment

Hubby and I will be in each other’s pockets until we get settled. In fact we’re going to be in a one bedroom apartment until the condo is finished. That’ll be fun. We’ve adjusted to him being here full time since he retired but he would go upstairs and I’d be down here. No longer an option. But there will be no steps at the new place (an excellent thing!), so I might have to get used to the TV in the background. I write in silence now and love it. Ah well . . .

Homecoming-OptimizedThe house we’re leaving wasn’t this big but you get the idea . . . Only fourteen years of accumulation in this one. Leave a comment about your moving experiences for a chance to win a copy of my ebook – Homecoming.

10 thoughts on “Sold the House!

  1. Congratulations on downsizing! My parents did that a while back and they love it–they made lots of new friends (even my dad did!) and they’re thrilled with their decision. I’m sure you will be too.

  2. Congratulations Donna! I’m sure it’s a big relief to finalize selling your home. I’m still dealing with my mother’s “collections” 12 years after her death. Partially my nostalgia and partially the lingering effect of being raised by Depression Era parents — everything had some use and value their eyes.

    Good for you for not burdening your kids and grandkids with your “treasures” albeit many, many years from now. Less is better as we age.

    On a positive note, I’m thinking Housewarming Party this Fall… 🙂

    • Sounds like a plan! La Daughter came in for a week and was brutal with me in getting rid of so much – it really helped!! Both kids live in apartments and have use/want for the stuff….

  3. So happy you “closed” on this part of your life…. and off to new adventures!.. it will all be worth it when you settle into your new space! Wee bit jealous…..

  4. I’ve lived in the same house all my life, and I can’t imagine clearing out all my stuff to move. I’ve been asking my gran for her wedding picture for about 15 years, at this point I’ve given up and I think the only way I’ll ever get it is when the house has to be cleared out one day.

    • My parents lived in their house 50+ years. Cleaning it out took three years. We did find a lot of treasures but neither of us had room for all the stuff and now . . . It’s fascinating to search.

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