The Start of Summer (and giveaway!)

Hi guys! It’s already a hot one here, so I hope you have your ice water or lemonade handy. I’ve already had my vacation this year, will probably hang out at the pool and of course we’re planning Camp Grandar for July with the grandkidlet, but mostly low-key after that incredible trip to Europe for our 40th anniversary. (Checkout my newsletter for more pics!)

To kick off the summer, I have some book recommendations – some of mine and some from others. Thought I’d do a little giveaway, so there’s a Rafflecopter just below – giving away some copies of Wrath’s Heart and Learning Trust paperbacks. I’ve also put Red Shoes on sale for $.99 for the month of June. It’s time to gear up that reading on the beach or by the pool.

Rafflecopter giveaway


How many books do you get to read on vacation or during the summer? Is it a big increase or just normal for you? Do you get into a series or like stand alones for a quick read?

Here’s some other books you ought to try out… click on the cover for more info.



16 thoughts on “The Start of Summer (and giveaway!)

  1. As a romance author, reading other authors’ books is my reward. I will probably get through 30-40 this summer, as long as I use my days to write. I just downloaded Donna Steele’s RED SHOES so I have a book to look forward to!

  2. I read about 10 over the summer just depending on their length. Reading is my passion and sanity. It helps to have good stories to read! Lol

  3. I read a book a week because I belong to a book club that meets weekly. So in the summer I will probably get between 10 and 12 books read.

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