Time to Write?

I’m back on track but geez is it easy to get derailed. I have reasons, maybe excuses, but I’ve got my act back together again.

Found out last December that my publisher – Rebel Ink Press – would be closing their doors on June 30. Man, were they classy about it. No blindsiding us, gave us our rights back and even gave us our covers! I thought six months would be plenty of time to get everything re-edited and back up. Yeah, right . . . So that was one reason – I’ve still got a couple of books that aren’t available and I will get to them, but in my opinion they needed more than just an edit.

But in addition to that, I’ve acted as Vice President for Programming for the HCRW chapter of RWA the past two years. I go out of office December 31 and am leaving the office in very capable hands. But before I could give it up there was, in addition to the monthly meetings, my final annual conference. That was held October 13 (Muldermas for my long-time fans) and while it took a lot of prep and extra trips to Raleigh, it was incredible. Sabrina Jefferies and Sarra Cannon spoke and I was blown away by both of them. And knowing they were our speakers kept me much more relaxed.

The major downside was, during the conference I got a text that my last uncle had passed away. We are a very close family and that was a blow that, while expected, was still a jolt. I’m not ready to be the oldest generation. That means I have to adult full-time and Charles was always the wittiest. Of course we drove up to Cincinnati where I got to visit with cousins from all over the country. (We had NC and Ohio represented, but also Pennsylvania, Utah, California, DC, etc.). Then we had to rush back because I had a book signing that had been planned for months. Sigh . . .

See what I mean. Real life just doesn’t stop. I write full time now, no more going into an office and still the derailments continue. At least I’m still meeting my deadlines, just not sleeping that well.

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