Already October?

I’m not ready. I’ll be XX 1/2 on October 5 (that was an important day when I was younger – turning a 1/2 year older – not so much anymore). And no, the first two numbers don’t count!

I do have some exciting stuff coming up in October. Since it’s Halloween month, I’m putting my ghost story, Wraith’s Heart, on sale for $.99 from October 1-7. 

I’ve also combined all of my Christmas stories into one volume, A Collection of Christmas Stories, and it’s available in paper to fill someone’s stocking and also an eBook at Kindle. Check out the cover, my amazing cover designer, Robert, put all kinds of Easter eggs around it for you to find.



Don’t get after me for planning for Christmas already. It’s the secretary in me, needing to be prepared for whatever’s coming up (I was never a Boy Scout). Also helps with paying the bills . . . Just sayin’ . . .

Actually Fall is my favorite time of year, so I’m juiced. The heat has finally broken and my favorite colors start decorating the mountains near me. Need to plan at least a day trip up to check it out.

Also this October on the 13th is the Heart of the Carolina Annual All Day Conference and this year we’ve got Sabrina Jeffries and Sarra Cannon coming to speak. It’s for writers of any genre or writer-wanna-bes. Go here for more details, as I write this there’s still a little room, so come on down.  Also on October 20, I’ll be selling and signing books at the Guilford College United Methodist Church’s bazaar. Stop by and say hi!

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