Updating the System

You guys know I’m not truly tech savvy. Several million upgrades ago I was the IT guy for the bank I worked at, but that was in the last century. Regardless, I’m not afraid to push buttons. So, when I received the notice that I needed to upgrade my system, I hit install update. This was around 1 p.m. in the afternoon.

It started to download, and I checked the time remaining, expecting up to 20 minutes. 2 days. No kidding, it said 2 days! I figured it would drop from that quickly and went on with some non-computer work around the house. Checked back after an hour or so and it was up to 1.3 of 13.1 to upgrade and still said 2 days for completion.

I let it continue, I was able to check email and I don’t play games or watch videos on my laptop, it’s just for writing and I didn’t have time for that right then. Kind of forgot about it, just let it run (with power plugged in). Around bedtime I checked again – up to 4.6 of 13.1 and still 2 days. Unbelieveable. Against my normal practices I left my laptop plugged in and running and went to bed. At 6:20 this morning it was up to 9.6 of 13.1 and down to 9 more hours.

Okay, had I been had? I got on chat with Apple and was told it was legit and did take some time to download but that seemed excessive even to them. Power down and let them know when it was off. So, I powered down and immediately lost the chat. Now that’s on me – I was stupid, but I was chatting on the laptop…duh! I got back into chat and got a female tech that time (an aside, I highly recommend female geeks. I personally get much better service, but I digress). Anyway, she had me take down the chat number (which I hadn’t done before) and took my email address so I could be reached on my phone, and just made me feel slightly less stupid. Thank you for that.

Then I reset our modem for the house wireless. It came back on in minutes and I restarted the download. It finished in about 5 minutes, so something had gotten ‘stuck’ for lack of a better word. Then of course it had to upload everything. Now I was getting nervous because I have a zoom exercise class starting at 8:30. I can see the time dwindling but start my exercise 20 minutes before class starts (which is my normal practice to warm up). The zoom starts, I let the instructor know I’m having computer issues and might vanish, but I’ll do what I can. At 8:30, not 8:29 or 8:31, it restarts, saying it will be “several minutes”.

Sigh – it’s up and running smoothly now and I’m up-to-date on my software. I’ll get some more exercise in sometime today…

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