Welcome 2018!

Okay, a new year, a new slate. I already feel more optimist. What’s your plan?

Me? I want to finish the edits on A Different Time for SoulMate Publishing and get the third one ready for edits. I want to finish up my shifter series (which you haven’t seen yet) and write every single day. 

I have a new book coming out in April – Cancun Memories, so I hope you’ll be watching for that.

On the non-professional side, I started Weight Watchers. I’m a life-time member, but reached that goal a long time and a lot of weight ago, so I’m back. I already go to the gym twice a week, now it will be at least three times a week. The best trainer in the world, Ana, keeps me going, and I can do water zumba and be weightless for a little while.

Plan to see the grandson (and his parents) every 6-8 weeks because, damn, is he growing fast. Will be three this year, I only blinked . . . Planning trips to see La Daughter too, since she’s moved even farther away, it’s not as easy.

Want to finish decorating the condo. Still pictures to hang, but it’s mostly done. When the bathroom renovation is paid off, we’ll do the kitchen. I’d like to think that’ll happen this year. (I’d like to)

My goal last year at Goodreads was to read 100 books. Got to 95, so I need to pick up the pace for 2018, and at least make a dent in my TBR pile. (Yeah, I’d like to) 

What about you? Are you going to finish that book you’ve been working on? Get an agent? A publisher? Start a series? Go to a conference? Downsize? Upsize? Go for a different job? Make the New York Times Bestseller List? What’s your secret desire?

I’d love to hear about it – maybe you’ll inspire me. Maybe I’ll inspire you. Either way we both win. Thank you so much for your support this year and Happy New Year!  

2 thoughts on “Welcome 2018!

  1. I have no doubt that you will accomplish all your goals! Only drawback- you are the most optimistic person I know!! Happy new year friend and look forward to sharing some of it with you!

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